The Search for Healthy and Sustainable Creativity (Archived)

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Healthy and sustainable creativity is the sweet spot between that delicious dreamy stretch for the stars, and keeping enough weight on the ground to maintain balance and trajectory. Finding the sweet spot between creative energy and meaningful movement is a journey, not a destination.

Writing can be a lonely business, navigating a bleak landscape of writer’s block, disappointment and doubt… but it can also be soothing and productive, a place of wonder and progress and more importantly — a place to be silly and playful.

My plan for this blog is to contribute two short pieces a week. These offerings will grow in complexity and depth, as well as reach and audience. In addition to presenting milestone moments in my writing journey, I will post resources, tools and ideas I find useful or inspiring. I will share tips and tricks I use to kick-start my creativity, rouse the muse and keep myself on track.

We can all benefit from a healthy splash of creativity in our lives. It gives us fresh energy and insight in tackling a new project, supercharges the process of brainstorming solutions to a roadblock or painpoint and encourages us to pounce sideways at a problem.

I invite you (reader, writer, creative type, curious wanderer) to share this journey with me. If you are a writer, composer, artist or a creative type, perhaps some of these resources or tips will resonate with you as well?

What does healthy and sustainable creativity mean to you?

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Nicole writes short stories and novel length speculative fiction and a weekly blog or

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Nicole Walsh Author

Nicole Walsh Author

Nicole writes short stories and novel length speculative fiction and a weekly blog or

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