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2 min readJan 20, 2021

A month or two ago my mornings consisted of stretched, slow hours of self-care and writing, starting long before the first gleam of dawn, climaxing in a frantic flap to get ready for my day job in a mere half an hour. I would tear about the house like a loon, jumping over confused cats, scrabbling to find my what-zit as I slapped together lunch, gulped down breakfast and bolted out the door ten minutes late.

I’d switch on the TV through that frantic last half an hour. The short news summaries on repeat and the bustle and chatter of chirpy morning presenters reset my energy in the right place to begin my work day. I’d absorb little of the chatter and babble. The purpose of the noise was to set my mood and keep me company.

My world changed with COVID-19. I’m lucky enough to still have a job. Working from home gives me an extra three hours in my day. Matching my earrings to my makeup is no longer quite as important now we’re facing down grainy video meetings.

In these strange days of self-isolation most of us will have more access to our TVs than ever before. Most of us will have more time to numb our thoughts with the flow of other people’s creative stories and ideas.

Life is all about choices — what we choose to expose ourselves to, and why and how deeply we digest the message. Are we running information like noise across the edge of our mind to set our mood? Are we filling the silence of our space with chatter?

There are seeds of inspiration in all things, if we train our mind to notice them. When was the last time we paused to process the message cascading over our minds, rather than blindly absorbing it?

What is the quality of the stories flowing past us? Do we agree with the angle, theme, story and characters? Does your creative heart resonate with that message? If it's rubbing you the wrong way, why?

For many of us, the chatter of the TV will be the deepest channel for new information to flow into our lives over the next weeks or months. We choose how and when we expose ourselves and what we do with the message sliced and diced and arrayed before us.

What information do you choose to immerse yourself in, and why? What role is this choice playing in the ebb and flow of your creative energy? What glints of creative thought could you filter out of the chatter and babble?

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