What does inspiration feel like? Before the flow of words/ideas, before it all clicks together and makes sense. How does it first present?

To me, a story inspiration tickles like a sneeze. It feels like the footsteps of a teeny tiny bug going tap tap tap at the edge of…

It was a bright, peaceful Sunday morning. I was off to a writing workshop. Not a lecture, where you can hide in the back-row, or a class where you can avoid eye-contact by copying down every point the presenter is making… but a workshop where you write and share.


I got lost in a car-park.

Being severely navigationally challenged, this would not normally be remarkable. Except… this was a shopping centre I have visited almost weekly for the past fifteen years.

I was daydreaming, took a wrong turn and suddenly I was in a starkly unfamiliar location. I slapped…

Inspired creators create. Creators lacking inspiration slump and whine.

Most creative souls will be familiar with a drought of ideas and energy, that pitiful scratch and juggle of stale thoughts and ideas as we claw after inspiration. We can sit and stare at our screens, pages, pens, canvases, clay, pianos…

Nicole Walsh Author

Nicole writes short stories and novel length speculative fiction and a weekly blog https://nicolewalshauthor.com/ or www.facebook.com/nicolewalshauthor

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